Public speaker, educator, and author of the 'Lane' trilogy of books.

Julie C. Round


A Lesson for the Teacher (2016)

"A Lesson for the Teacher" is a romance set in the 1960's.  Three young schoolteachers start their working lives full of anticipation but each finds circumstances force them to rethink their future. Meg, innocent and romantic, is searching for her ideal man. Tamsin, artistic and rebellious, is looking for adventure and Georgie wants fame and fortune. Do they find what they want, and do the men in their lives help or hinder the search?

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Lane's End - Julie C. Round
Lane's End (2007)

Bernard, a young man with learning difficulties, is left to fend for himself when his mother dies, and leaves home in search of help. He is taken in by Rose and Tim, who live in a cottage on the Downs, not realising his innocence is putting him in danger. Luckily fate sees him saved by an old woman who lives on a houseboat and he discovers a talent that leads him to meet Katie and fall in love. Demands are made on him, however, when he is forced to go for training to a horticultural college and finds not everyone is as sympathetic as the women in his life. How he deals with bullying and prejudice and finds sanctuary in the most unexpected place shows that it is possible to overcome problems, with help from those who care and understand.

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Un-stable Lane - Julie C. Round
Un-Stable Lane (2009)

The challenges involved in a difficult marriage are multiplied by outside intervention. Can the family weather the storms?

Julie says: Although this book can be enjoyed in isolation it is more interesting if the reader has already read Lane's End. It deals with the doubts a wife has about her choice of a marriage partner; the way her family deal with one natural disaster after another and the developing bond between unlikely personalities.

To any one who knows the area of the South Downs where the books are set it is a simple, affectionate glimpse of family life.

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The Third Lane - Julie C. Round
The Third Lane (2011)

In the final book of the ‘Lane' trilogy a teenage girl dreams of sporting success.

Life holds many disappointments for her and her parents in the house at Stable Lane. While her grandmother escapes in her mobile home they are left behind to battle a stalker and thieves.

Ultimately a love story, ‘The Third Lane' leaves the Longman family older and wiser than when they lived in ‘Lane's End.'

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Never Run Away - Julie C. Round
Never Run Away

A married woman leaves her home, transforms her appearance and changes her name.
Will she find happiness with a new identity - and what effect will her desertion have on her bewildered husband?

Never Run Away is an unusual domestic thriller, where an old house in a seaside town hides much more than an estranged wife.

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Never Run Away - Julie C. Round
Never Pretend

When Carole, a single mother, marries her schoolteacher boyfriend, all seems set fair for their future happiness as a family.
But no-one can escape the consequences of past events - even if they pretend they do not matter.

The Sussex coast once more provides the backdrop for a story of complex personal relationships.

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